Stories from people who have encountered Alexa. Feel free to submit your own!


When: July 2010. Where: Williamsburg, Brooklyn. What she was wearing: A men’s blue and white striped shirt, Levi’s denim cutoff shorts, Vivienne Westwood roman strap shoes. Who she was with: Tennessee Thomas! What she was like: Very friendly. I only saw her briefly as her and Tennessee both had suitcases and were getting into a taxi.


I met Alexa at the Arctic Monkeys Don Valley show on June 10th. At the beginning my Mum noticed her but at first she wasn’t very recognisable due to a hat. She was stood in the VIP area with Alex’s dad and others head banging. 5 minutes after the concert had finished we tried to get a setlist. Most of the tent was empty now. We were walking out only to catch Alexa Chung. Sbe happily agreed to a photograph, but my camera was playing up. She then fixed my camera somehow.. and we got a photo! She was wearing a hat, stripey jumper and a long black coat with boots.


When: March 2011. Where: Topshop on Oxford Street. She was shopping by herself it seemed, maybe on a lunch break since it was a kind of odd hour of the day. She was wearing that navy coat with the gold buttons that she used to wear a lot when she first came into the spotlight, a stripey sweater, dark grey skinny jeans and those platform lace-up topshop booties that she wore a few times at London Fashion Week last February. She looked GORGEOUS but even skinnier than I had imagined!