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Who wore this Orla Kiely dress best? Alexa or Karen Gillan?

Who wore this Orla Kiely dress best? Alexa or Karen Gillan?

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  1. landofathousanddances answered: CHUNG. as per usual.
  2. iaminees answered: Alexa
  3. dendroaspys answered: alexa chung
  4. dexdurh answered: Alexa
  5. easymomentsandobsession answered: ALEXA ofcourse.
  6. midnightsexy answered: The best part of this dress is the neckline & you cant see it properly on either. I think Karen works the colours best & Im an avid fan of AC
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  8. m1lk-sh4ke answered: I say Alexa I just like how she wears a bright purse because it brightens the dress and idk it is hard they are bith so PRETTY!!!!!!!! :) :)
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  10. tothelooking-glassworld answered: Both are cute, but this time i’ll go with Karen Gillan
  11. 00046 answered: alexaaaaaaaaaa
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  13. salemmmm answered: alexa!
  14. acouasm answered: hate to say it, but karen.. alexa is too thin for this particular dress imo.
  15. alicenoirsucre answered: alexaaaa
  16. avinsidelife answered: left.
  17. playpimpin answered: alexa
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  19. ifyouwanttheirwayoflife answered: Alexa Chung.
  20. wildheartcountry answered: Alexa.
  21. healthyyyyfit answered: obviously alexa
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  23. theshamelessperry answered: kareeen
  24. niggahaifa answered: ALEXA FOREVER
  25. bblackholesandrevelations answered: First preferred I Karen but I gotta say now that Alexa.
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